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radsan a.ş., Yıldırımdan Korunma, Dehn+Söhne, erico
  • 1953 Establishment
  • 1962 First production plant goes into operation
  • 1974 The first radioactive lightning conductor of Turkey is produced
  • 1983 Transformation into a limited company
  • 1998 Integrated Production Plant goes into operation (premises of 26000, and indoor area of 7200)
  • 2000 Transformation into a Joint Stock Company
  • 2000 The first TSE-EN-ISO 9001 certificate in the sector
  • 2002 Production of the first Active Lightning Conductor of Turkey
  • 2008 The first ISO 14001 certificate in the sector
  • 2008 The first ISO 18001 certificate in the sector
  • 2011 Integrated Quality Management

Radsan has carried out business in production, sales, undertaking, consultancy, servicing, and project designing since 1953.

Production and Sale:  The materials produced by us and the products supplied by various manufacturers reach our customers in our own store and through a countrywide sales network via our experienced sales personnel.

Contracting: Radsan contracting group has completed lightning conductor installations, grounding installations, LV/HV installations, telecommunication and scada system installations with design and implementation.

Consulting / Consulting / Project: We share our knowledge and experience about construction and electricity, lightning protection and grounding with our solution partners with happiness.

Service: The servicing includes maintenance and repair of lightning conductor, grounding, and LV/HV installations, and measurement, test and reporting in such installations.

We have protected, are protecting and will protect...

Adres: İVOGSAN Ağaç Metal İşleri Sitesi
1122 Cd. 1434. Sk. No:1 Ostim / Ankara
Tel: 444 62 11
Fax: 0312 394 53 58
WhatsApp: 0549 743 30 35
Adres: İmes Sanayi Sitesi
A Blok 104 Sok. No:36/B
Esenşehir Ümraniye / İstanbul
Kuruluş : 1953 - 2020
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