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Radsan contracting group successfully carries out the work from beginning to end with experienced staff and aims to be the leader in the future as it is today in the market. These studies carried out in the form of factory, shop and central office services.

Our company has documented applications with these certificates: TSE-ISO-EN 9000 Quality Management Certificate, Certificate ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

Radsan contracting group manufactured goods and services that are offers itself. Technical staff trained about Waste Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety and Working at Height. Installation makes itself with trained technical staff. After the sale of material, always aims to keep in good relationships with customers by giving technical support.  

Adres: İVOGSAN Ağaç Metal İşleri Sitesi
1122 Cd. 1434. Sk. No:1 Ostim / Ankara
Tel: 444 62 11
Fax: 0312 394 53 58
WhatsApp: 0549 743 30 35
Adres: İmes Sanayi Sitesi
A Blok 104 Sok. No:36/B
Esenşehir Ümraniye / İstanbul
Kuruluş : 1953 - 2020
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